Direct Mail for charities

Jersey Post is proud to support many local initiatives and a popular annual service is the provision of a free direct mail to create awareness and raise funds for local charities or not-for-profit organisations.

We are now welcoming applications for 2022. The closing date for these applications is 25 October 21.

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What we offer

We offer one free promotional mailing delivery, per quarter for local charities and not-for-profit organisations. The free slot can be used by the successful organisation as they wish e.g., to target homes or businesses, by street, parish, or all Island (which is equivalent to £5,160 per drop). 

What is required by the charity/NPO?

To be eligible, your charity must be registered on the Public Register of the Jersey Charity Commission and/or a Member of the Association of Jersey Charities.

You will need to meet the cost of producing the leaflet or flyer, but the costs involved with sending the mailing will be free of charge to the selected organisation. In addition, Jersey Post will be happy to offer advice on how to produce a compelling and engaging mail piece that can maximise results.

To apply for a free space, charities should outline the purpose of the campaign which should cover:

What we need to know in your application

Date of drop

Tell us what date you would be looking to schedule the drop? 

Target audience

Do you want to target homes or businesses? We require 43,000 leaflets for an all-island drop or 3,500 for a business drop. 

Type of mailshot

Do you want to target specific roads, parishes or the whole island? 

Objectives of the mailshot

E.g., membership drive, fundraising initiative with how many/much is hoping to be achieved.

This information can then be sent via email to: or by post to:

Charity Direct Mail Services
Jersey Post Business Team
Postal Headquarters

(No stamp required)

In addition, if charities are unsuccessful in obtaining a free mailing, Jersey Post is pleased to offer a 15% discount on any Direct2Home booking made by a local charity or not-for-profit organisation. Charities wishing to take advantage of this discount offer can contact Jersey Post by emailing or telephoning the team on (01534) 616617.


  • You cannot apply for a free maildrop if you have previously received one from Jersey Post in the past 3 years.
  • Your charity will need to produce and pay for its own leaflets, a total of 43,000 if choosing an all-island maildrop.
  • Leaflets must be delivered to Jersey Post Postal Headquarters 3 working days ahead of the Direct Mail drop date.
  • Direct Mail delivery commences on the first working day of the week and is completed on the final working day of that week.
  • Any residue will need to be collected from Jersey Post Postal Headquarters 7 working days following the completion of the drop.
  • Once a drop date is agreed, it is non-transferable and requests for any alteration are unfortunately not possible.
  • The drop items must not exceed 25gms each and be no larger than A4 or smaller than A6 with a total thickness of 20cm.
  • A proof of your drop item must be submitted for sign off before the agreed drop date.
  • Acknowledgement of Jersey Post on your drop item is encouraged.
  • We may contact you for marketing/research purposes.

There are several options for organisations that send a large volume of mail, either regularly, or from time to time. Anyone who would like to discuss their requirements and ways to maximise their posting, should contact our Business Sales team on (01534) 616617 or email

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Charity postage discount

Charities that are members of the Association of Jersey Charities can join our postage scheme that provides 5% off stamp prices.

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