Jersey Post announces changes to its postal tariffs

Posted • 12 March 2021

Jersey Post will be amending its postal rates with effect from Thursday 1 April 2021.

The changes will see no increases for local-to-local items and a four-pence increase on the price of sending letters to the UK, Isle of Man and other Channel Islands.

The changes to key stamp prices are summarised below:

In 2020 Jersey Post delayed its price review by six months to support customers during Covid-19. In continued support, Jersey Post will not be increasing local-to-local postal tariffs to support individuals and businesses who continue to deal with the pressures of Covid-19.

The price changes reflect several influencing factors including declining mail volumes, losses on UK mail and the significant cost of flying mail off the island, as well as recent pressures on businesses locally. Additionally, a Universal Postal Union (UPU) regulation change, approved by the UK government, has meant that postal authorities globally are now able to charge much higher rates for the receipt and handling of inbound mail. This means there will be an average increase of 6% to the UK and 20% to international destinations.

Niall McClure, Managing Director of Post and Logistics, said: “We remain fully committed to keeping costs low where possible and that is why we are maintaining 2020 rates for local-to-local items. The Jersey Post price for a first-class local letter is not increasing. This compares to a Royal Mail first class stamp which increased at the start of the year by 9p to 85p. Postal authorities worldwide are seeing vastly increased international costs due to regulatory changes and transit conveyance costs.”

Jersey Post has made every effort to absorb as much of the rise in international charges as possible, but due to the considerable increase this year, it must unfortunately pass some of the costs onto its customers. Details of the 2021 postage price changes can be found here.

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