Postbox Challenge

Posted • 30 March 2021

At the beginning of March, we invited Key Stage 4 students to participate in our Postbox Challenge, designed to promote a technology career. We are delighted to have nine teams from four different schools involved. The schools are Les Quennevais, Victoria College, JCG and Beaulieu.

The challenge is to use IoT technology to create a solution that allows Jersey Post to identify empty postboxes to avoid visiting them unnecessarily and reduce our carbon footprint.

The challenge is being run by Graham Single, Head of IT and Robin Longley, Operational Support Specialist from Jersey Post, in partnership with Digital Jersey and Education and involves providing mentoring and resources to support the teams with the challenge.

The aim is to promote an operational technology career path, raise IoT awareness and skills, and showcase Jersey Post to students as a dynamic organisation with a proven track-record in rapidly and successfully introducing new technologies.



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