Reinventing business now.

Our digital division Vaiie has come a long way since its data-to-print roots, developing its services as the needs of the local market evolved. Vaiie now enables organisations to adopt a digital approach to the way they deliver operational processed and personalised communications, and share or store information.

Jersey Post Digital first launched Vaiie in Guernsey in April 2019, as part of a joint venture with Guernsey-based development team of the communications and digital agency, TPA. This venture saw the latest digital processes and communication channels integrate effectively with traditional distribution techniques to optimise the speed, efficiency and cost of operational and marketing messages for clients located within the Channel Islands. In January 2020, Jersey Post Digital announced its plans to adopt the trading name and brand, Vaiie.

Since the launch in Guernsey, Vaiie has been successfully supporting financial services organisations to reduce costs and improve internal processes through the provision of its three core services. Having worked closely with the financial services industry during this time, it became clear that there were significant opportunities outside of this local market, and for the organisation to step away from any preconceived barriers imposed by its postal authority background.

Full details on Vaiie's products and services can be found on their website. 

Vaiie’s services are focussed around three core areas of organisational needs:


Solutions which support regulated financial services businesses, and those businesses that have regulatory supervision, to meet jurisdictional requirements much more efficiently.


Enables businesses to outsource the production and distribution of large-quantity communications to save time and money.

Enterprise Portals.

Improves operational effectiveness enable businesses to share workflow sensitive documents for digital review, approval and signing, plus request data.