Electronic Advance Data for Businesses

Driven by Universal Postal Union (UPU) regulatory changes, anyone sending parcels internationally must provide electronic pre-advice customs information. This includes information on the sender, the recipient, and the details of the contents within the parcel.

Jersey Post needs to provide this electronic data to receiving countries on your behalf, and we need you to provide this data in the correct format to meet these new requirements.

We have adapted our combined postage customs label to capture this information and to include a Universal Postal Union (UPU) compliant S10 barcode that ensures each item can be linked, via the barcode, to the electronic pre-advice information.

  • 1st January 2021: Parcels sent to International destinations 

  • 1st April 2021: Parcels sent to UK destinations - Postponed until Q1 of 2022 
    Following discussions with Royal Mail, Jersey Post is able to delay its introduction until Q1 of 2022. This means CN22 and CN23 labels are still valid for items to the UK. This also gives individuals and businesses more time to prepare for the change, and more time for us to implement efficiencies in systems and processing. 

Why is this now a requirement?

  • Security is high on the agenda for governments globally and new regulatory from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) has made it a requirement to send electronic pre-advice on items (parcels and packets, not letter mail) being sent via the postal system.

  • Pre-advice data helps to automate and speed up manual processes by reading electronic pre-advice data as opposed to manually checking parcels. This can enable a more efficient Customs clearance process abroad.

What will happen to items sent without EAD?

  • Items could be returned or destroyed
  • Significant delays to your customers
  • Potential additional charges

If I purchase my parcel postage online, how do I print my label and post my item?

EAD information will be automatically captured for postage labels you purchase online. To purchase and print your label online please start here.

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