Popular Questions

VAT must be paid on most items sent from Jersey to the UK. As a personal customer, any items that you have sold via an online selling website, are subject to VAT. Any gifts you are sending that exceed a retail value of £39.00 may need to have VAT paid on them and it is advisable to do so at the time of sending, as Royal Mail add an additional £8 handling fee. If you are a business sending items that have been sold online, you will need to pay VAT on any item that you are posting to customers based in the UK. VAT relief was previously allowed for goods less than £15 but this is no longer the case. For more information visit www.gov.je.

If you have an item held by Customs, you will need to make a declaration on the States of Jersey website. Once the declaration has been made and the item has been released, your item will be delivered the following working day. Should you wish to collect your item, please contact the Customer Care Team on (01534) 616616.

GST will need to be paid on any item that is imported into Jersey, the value of which exceeds £135. GST will need to be paid on it before you can collect it, or have it delivered to your premises. For further information on GST, when it applies and how to pay it, please visit www.gov.je.

If an item has arrived damaged, you will need to contact the sender. Claim for damaged items have to be initiated in the country where the item was originally posted.

Jersey Post endeavours to deliver items as soon as they are received on-island, subject to Customs clearance if applicable. In order to receive these items at Postal Headquarters for local delivery, we are reliant on a number of factors such as weather, transport and often several postal authorities in different countries. If the delivery timescales you were provided with has been exceeded, we would recommend that you get in contact with either the retailer from which you purchased the item, or the postal authority in the country where the item was posted.

To arrange a redelivery online, please click here. Alternatively, contact the Customer Care Team on 616616. Redeliveries cost £2. 

It is very difficult to provide exact delivery timescales to off-island addresses as there are so many factors outside of Jersey Post's control e.g. weather, transport delays, processing in the destination country etc. However, as a rough guide we say: UK, other Channel Islands and Isle of Man - 3-5 working days. European addresses - 7-10 working days and Rest of World destinations up to 10-12 working days. Please note - these timescales are for letters and documents. Due to Customs restrictions and controls in other countries it is impossible to provide delivery estimates for goods or merchandise.

The parcel collection counter at Postal Headquarters, Rue des Pres Trading Estate is open Monday to Friday  08:00 - 18:00 and Saturday 08:30 - 13:00. We are closed on all Public Holidays. For further information on our opening times, please click here.

You can set up SecureDrop in a number of ways. You can sign up online via our self-service section which can be reached by clicking here. Alternatively, you can obtain a form from any post office. The service is free and takes around 7 working days to set up.

Yes, provided that the service used to send the item was a trackable service. We have a Track and Trace facility on this website which can be accessed by clicking here. You will need to have the tracking reference to hand in order to use this service.