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Gift definition
A gift is defined as an item

  • Sent between two private people,
  • It is of an occasional nature, such as a birthday or Christmas gift
  • where no monetary consideration has been made.

Packages containing more than one gift
When a package contains gifts that are clearly intended for several people, for example, members of the same family, the £39.00 VAT relief applies to each individual person provided the gifts are:

  • Individually wrapped
  • Specifically addressed to each individual
  • Declared separately on the customs declaration form

for example. Its Christmas and you are sending a box of gifts to the UK.

The box contains 3 items.

  1. 1 Teddy bear worth £5.00
  2. 1 box of chocolate worth £3.00
  3. 1 garment worth £50

Each item must be listed individually on your customs form.

Customs declaration forms
When you send an item that requires customs in formation, our system will automatically create a customs label for you.

Paying VAT
VAT must be paid on most items sent from Jersey to the UK. Any gifts you are sending that exceed a retail value of £39.00 will need to have VAT paid on them.

 It is recommended to prepay VAT at the time of sending to minimise transit times and ensure quick customs clearance.

 In addition, Royal Mail may add a handling fee for non-prepaid VAT items, which the recipient may be asked to pay on receipt of the item.

Return address
It is essential that you include a return address on the outside of the packaging. 

If your parcel has been detained by Jersey Customs, it will be because a customs declaration is required. In this instance, you will receive a letter or email advising the quickest way to resolve the issue

  1. Go to customs.gst.gov.je and enter your reference/CLC number into the relevant field. This can be found on your communication regarding the customs clearance.
  2. check the details and make any corrections where
  3. Make your payment.
  4. Your goods will then be released for onward delivery.

Please note, it may be that you have already paid GST at the time you purchased your goods from the online retailer, but the Customs system has not recognised this. If this is the case, please go to the Customs declaration portal www.customs.gst.gov.je

    1. Choose ‘declare online shopping’, click continue and enter the reference number (CLC)
    2. click continue and then tick the box stating, ‘I have already paid the GST’. You will be asked to choose the seller on a dropdown list, make your selection and your goods will be immediately released.
    3. You will be asked to choose the seller on a dropdown list, make your selection and your goods will be immediately released.

If you have any questions about your declaration, please visit the  Customs website Paying GST for online shopping (gov.je)

As of July 2024 GST will need to be paid on any item that is imported into Jersey when the value of the item is more than £60.

GST will need to be paid on your item before you can have it delivered to your premises.

For further information on GST, when it applies and how to pay it, please visit Paying GST for online shopping (gov.je)

If an item has arrived damaged, you will need to contact the sender to initiate your claim.

Jersey Post aims to deliver items as soon as they are received on-island, subject to Customs clearance (if applicable). If you are waiting for an item you should get in touch with the sender to request an update on their packages progress.

To arrange a redelivery to another post office or your home address please contact the Customer Care Team on 616616.

Redeliveries cost £2.00 per item,

You can sign up SecureDrop online.

Alternatively, you can obtain a form from any post office. The service is free and takes around 7 working days to set up.

Yes, provided that the service used to send the item was a trackable service.

  • We have a Track and Trace facility which can be accessed by clicking hereYou will need to have the tracking reference to hand in order to use this service.
  • Please note that only Royal Mail reference numbers can be used in the tracker.
  • To track an item sent using a courier service, you should use their website to track your item instead.