Privacy and Website Policy

Jersey Post Group is committed to administering and processing our customers’ personal information appropriately, proportionately and in compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. We also aim to be clear with customers about what we do with that information.

This Policy explains how we use any personal information we may collect about you when you use any of our websites or when you use any of our services. 

This policy applies to the following Jersey Post Group of companies and websites, where “we”, “us”, “our” or other similar words refer to all or any of the websites listed below.

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Personal information that Jersey Post Group may collect about you

Jersey Post Group may collect personal information when you:

  • Use any of our websites
  • Use our products
  • Contact us
  • Receive any of our services

This may include information you provide when you:

  • Complete any of our forms or applications
  • Enter into any contract with us
  • Enter information on one of our websites listed above
  • Contact Jersey Post Group directly in writing, by phone, social media or any other means

It may also include information that is recorded on mail or parcels sent to or from you via any of our services.

We may collect any of the following types of information:

  • Your name, postal address, email address, telephone number and other contact information (whether you are an individual, business or other organisation)
  • Any information that is required to provide you with a service
  • Payment information such bank account, card or other payment provider details, which you have given us. We do not retain full card details once any respective transaction is completed.
  • Information collected as a result of you using any Jersey Post Group website (see section on Cookies for more information)
  • Details of any complaint or enquiry you make with us
  • Information about mail or parcels delivered to or by you via any of our services
  • Information when required to sign for any parcel or letter
Why Jersey Post Group collects your personal information

Jersey Post Group collects your personal information in order to:

  • Provide products and services that you may request from us or subscribe to
  • Provide other customers with products and services
  • Enhance or improve the customer experience for products and services we provide
  • Enhance the customer experience on any of our websites
  • Improve and develop our services
  • Ensure and maintain security e.g. when we check your identity when you use certain products or services
  • Develop products and services, either on our own or via third parties in order to prevent misuse or fraud. Such products and services may be used to prevent and detect fraud against you, Jersey Post Group and / or third parties
  • Meet legal and regulatory obligations
Calls to customer services

If you call customer services we may record your call. These recordings are used for training and quality control, helping us to monitor and improve our customer service standards. 

How Jersey Post Group collects your personal information

Jersey Post Group collects personal information:

  • Directly from customers when any customer signs up to receive any services, or when they register on any Jersey Post Group website
  • From third parties who use our services and products when personal information will be recorded on mail or parcels sent to you by a third party
  • From third parties when information will be acquired for such things as authorisation for a payment you make or when undertaking an identity check
  • When products or services are provided with a business partner and the information is collected by the business partner in order for us to provide you with the product or service
  • When mail passes through our network, we may collect personal information from letters, parcels and other mail items, such as names, addresses, descriptions of contents and other information, in order for us to route items through our network for delivery to the intended addressee. 
Who sees the personal information that Jersey Post Group holds?

Customers’ personal information may be provided to selected third parties:

  • If customers have explicitly agreed to receive information about products, services and promotions that may be of interest to them
  • Where services are provided together with a business partner and, in order to provide that service, we are required to disclose the information to them
  • For the prevention of fraud against the Jersey Post Group, third parties and / or our customers
  • In order to verify the identity of customers
  • To prevent money laundering, the financing of terrorism or any other criminal activity

For the protection of our or another person’s rights, protection of property, or for safety purposes, we may provide customers’ personal information to other third parties such as the police and other law enforcement, credit reference and fraud prevention agencies and other bodies:

  • To exchange information to protect against fraud and to reduce payment risks
  • In connection with the prevention and detection of crime.
Disclosures of personal information required by law

Jersey Post Group may, from time to time, be required to disclose personal information due to a legal obligation, or where ordered by a court for the purposes of legal proceedings.

Crime prevention

In situations where we are provided with false or inaccurate information or where criminal activity is identified or suspected, details may be passed to fraud or crime prevention agencies.

Such information may also be provided to law enforcement agencies to allow them to carry out investigations.

Jersey Post Group and other organisations may also access and use this information for fraud-prevention, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing purposes, for example, when:

  • Checking and verifying personal details on applications for credit and credit related facilities
  • Verifying identity in respect of any regulated financial business carried out with customers
  • Managing credit accounts or facilities
  • In order to recover debt
  • Checking personal details on insurance proposals and claims
  • Checking personal details of job applicants and prospective and existing employees

Jersey Post Group may access and use information recorded by fraud prevention agencies from other countries.

Transfers of personal information outside of its home jurisdiction

From time to time, we may need to transfer personal information about customers to third parties located outside of its home jurisdiction. Where this occurs, we will ensure that any transferred information is protected to a level that meets all requirements under prevailing data protection legislation. We will also ensure that equivalent measures to protect personal data are in force in any country where your data is sent.

Security of your personal information and other data we hold

Jersey Post Group maintains robust processes to ensure that customers’ personal information is held securely to protect it from being incorrectly accessed, used, shared, destroyed or lost.

How long will we keep your personal information?

Jersey Post Group is committed to only retaining customers’ personal information for as long as it is needed for the purpose that it is held, or in order to meet a particular legal or regulatory obligation.

Maintaining accuracy of personal information

Jersey Post Group will, as far as it is reasonably possible, take such steps to ensure that personal information is kept accurate and up to date. In doing this, however, we rely on customers to ensure that the information we hold about them is accurate and up to date.

Jersey Post Group encourages its customers to inform us of any changes to their information by contacting us by phone, email, mail or, preferably, by updating their account details on any of our websites.

Accessing your personal information

In accordance with prevailing data protection and other relevant legislation, Jersey Post Group will, on request, provide customers with access to their personal information and allow them to exercise their rights to amend and update the information we may hold on them.

Marketing preferences

A customer may allow Jersey Post Group or third parties to provide them with information about products and services that Jersey Post has selected, and which may be of interest to them.

Jersey Post Group will only provide customers with information where that customer has explicitly agreed during any registration, application or other process.

In order to receive information from third parties about their products and services, customers will be required to expressly agree to receive such information. Customers will not be marketed to in circumstances where they have failed to opt out during any registration or other processes.

Marketing channels used by Jersey Post Group includes all means of communication, for example, by post, phone, email, SMS text message and other electronic means. This will be specifically stated, where electronic channels are used to collect your contact details.

Jersey Post Group is committed to ensuring that customers’ communication and marketing preferences, are managed appropriately, accurately and are kept up to date, where these are held. This includes consent to receive marketing communications.


Cookies are small text files that are stored by your device when you access almost all websites on the internet. Jersey Post Group will use two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: These expire when you close your browser and do not remain on your computer
  • Persistent cookies: These are stored on your computer and used to make sure the site remembers your preferences should you revisit the website.

All our websites use cookies in order to make them easier to use and to improve functionality for you. Cookies also provide us with information about how our websites are used so we can keep them up to date, relevant and as error-free as possible.

By using our websites you agree to the use of cookies. Certain cookies may be set the moment you visit any of our websites. It is important for you to know that you can choose to manage the cookies we use on our websites through your browser settings at any time. For more information about cookies in general and how to manage them, you can visit

Please note that preventing cookies is likely to have an adverse impact on the functionality or performance of our websites, or even prevent you from accessing some services provided through them. If you choose to prevent cookies, we cannot guarantee access to the services provided through our websites, nor can we be sure how any website will perform during your visit. Preventing cookies will also affect our ability to update our websites to cater for user preferences and improve their performance.

Links to other websites

Our websites may include links to other sites, not related to the Jersey Post Group. We will make every effort to provide links to high quality, reputable sites but are not responsible for their privacy practices, site content, or the services they offer.

Changes to our privacy policy

We will keep our privacy policy under regular review and will place any updates on this webpage.

The current version of our privacy policy is v02.00 dated 05 February 2018.

How to contact us

Customers with queries or issues relating to products or services provided by Jersey Post Group, or regarding our treatment of their personal data, can contact our customer services department for assistance.