Paying UK Import VAT as a Business

IVAS, Import VAT Accounting Scheme, is a scheme, run by Jersey Post in conjunction with Jersey Customs and HMRC, to allow Jersey Traders to easily account and pay for the VAT payable on goods sold into the UK from Jersey.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

Being an IVAS member, assists with the smooth delivery of items to recipients in the UK. Commercial mail items, which are identified as being IVAS registered and having the VAT paid via this scheme, should not be held/delayed by UK Customs for VAT payment.

Who is eligible to join the IVAS scheme?

Locally based traders who frequently send goods into the UK and are registered with The Jersey Financial Services Commission.

How does it work?

  • Following approval to join the scheme, the IVAS Member, will be allocated a unique ID number and a customised Customs CN22 label, which must be used on any commercial goods being sent to the UK.
  • All items sent to the UK, will be identified by UK Customs, as being UK Import VAT paid via IVAS, so will not be held for payment.
  • IVAS members will complete their monthly VAT declarations, based on the items sent in that period, and submit it to Jersey Post along with payment for the UK Import VAT due.
  • Jersey Post will pay UK Customs, the applicable VAT, on behalf of all IVAS members.

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