Royal Mail Consultation on Postal Schemes

Posted • 06 July 2023

From 7th August 2023, the dedicated mail delivery aircraft operated by Royal Mail will cease flights to and from Jersey, and all inbound and outbound mail will be carried by the existing ferry service.

For nearly all Islanders and businesses, there will be no disruption to the service they receive because most items, including Amazon parcels, are already transported in this way.

There is a small number of customers who are affected by this decision however, and Jersey Post has been working with these for some time to help them prepare and find the fastest alternative routes possible where time-critical delivery is key.

Following a public consultation, Royal Mail and Jersey Post have concluded that the provision of the aircraft is no longer commercially viable for both parties.

Mark Siviter, CEO of Jersey Post Group said, “The reasons for ending the dedicated mail plane are clearly set out in Royal Mail’s consultation document. Nonetheless, our responsibility is to our customers, and while most will not notice any change, our priority is to find solutions for those impacted. We are using our expertise, extensive logistics network and partners to achieve the best possible outcomes.”

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