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This is a simple tool that can be used to price up the cost of sending an item of mail to your chosen destination. Simply select the type of item you are sending from the options below and follow the on-screen instructions to select the correct format, destination and weight. 

Customers purchasing postage online will benefit from a 2% discount on standard postage rates. 


Continued Covid-19 Service Disruptions

We continue to a see ongoing disruptions to our service’s due issues with the supply chain caused by ongoing Covid-19 measures. Please expect delays.

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Calculate Standard Postage

Choose the category that matches the item you are sending:

  • Letters, Cards and Documents
    All mail formats and associated postage available.

  • Parcels, Goods and Merchandise
    Only available in Parcel and Large Parcel formats. Learn more.
Select the destination country:
Select a destination.
Enter either grams or KG:
Enter weight of item.
change category Choose the most appropriate size based on dimensions and weight: Select an item type.
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Calculate Standard Postage

{{selectedItemType}}, {{correctedWeight}} {{request.itemUnits}}, destination ({{request.deliveryCountryCode}})
Error {{state.code}} {{state.message}}
No matching service found Please note that not all postal services are available to all countries. Adjust your calculation settings and try again.
{{matchedService.serviceName}} {{matchedService.nicePriceCalculator}} Buy Label Not purchasable online
Delivery time estimate {{matchedService.niceEstimate}}
  • Tracked
  • Signed For
  • Cover (up to) {{matchedService.niceCompensation}}
  • Delivered by 9am Delivered on Sat.

Add Premium Postage

Choose ‘Signed For’ for signature on delivery or ‘Tracked & Signed’ to monitor the progress of your item:
If your item is valuable, please increase the amount of compensation available if lost or damaged:
Please choose your preferred delivery time:

Please select one of the premium postage options to see your available insurance and delivery choices.

Any item that exceeds either the measurements or the weight of a Parcel shown above is classified as a Large Parcel.

Most destinations accept Large Parcels up to a maximum of 30kg, but there are some destinations that will only accept 20kg or less. For items that are 20kg or more, please visit one of our post offices as this service is currently unavailable online. See our Large Parcel destination guide for more information.

New regulatory changes enforced by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) mean that items of mail containing Goods and Merchandise can only be sent as Parcel and Large Parcel mail formats. Letter and Large Letter mail formats are only to be used for items of mail containing Letters, Cards and/or Documents, with no commercial value.

VAT tax must be paid on most items sent from Jersey to the UK. Please note, whilst VAT relief was previously allowed for goods less than £15, this is no longer the case.

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