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Getting mail to you is our business - the way you choose to receive it is yours. Our Business Delivery Service allows you to customise your approach to create the best solution for you, in three easy steps:

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Choose addressing options

Start by deciding the best address option for you.

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Choose a delivery method

Decide how you would like to receive your mail.

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Add named entities

Decide if you need to include any additional names for the internal distribution of mail.

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Step 1 - Choose how you want to address your mail

PO Box Number

Whether it's for your main address, or for a specific department or marketing campaign; PO Box numbers provide a short, memorable address which is ideal for any size of organisation. 

Just £11.67/month

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Premium Postcodes

A unique, customisable postcode starting JE1 that reflects your organisation's name or brand.

Just £11.67/month

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Standard Address

You can use your physical address associated with your business premises.

Free of charge


Step 2 - Choose how you want to receive your mail

Timed delivery

Save your business time and resources by allowing you to plan your internal operations around the guaranteed mail delivery time every weekday, before 9:30am.

Starting at £227/month

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Your mail is held for collection in person, from either Broad Street or Rue des Pres post offices 9am-5pm each weekday.

Starting at £11.25/month

Standard delivery

Have your mail delivered to your premises on a standard delivery round, at various times before 5pm each weekday.

Free of charge


Step 3 - Add a number of connected business names

Additional Names

You are required to declare how many connected entities you are using the PO Box Number/Premium Postcode licence number as a point of delivery. 

1 to 4 names    Free of charge

5 to 499 names £10.00 per name per year

500+ names    £5.00 per name per year

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