Jersey Post to host international postal conference

Posted • 07 October 2019

This week, Jersey Post will welcome over 150 postal industry professionals from over 52 European postal administrations to Jersey for the international PostEurop Plenary Assembly.

Taking place at the Radisson Hotel, the annual event is one of the largest recurring events for PostEurop, the member-driven association which has represented European public postal operators since 1993. PostEurop serves to support and develop a sustainable and competitive European postal communication and logistics market that is accessible to all customers and ensures a modern universal service.

“We are incredibly proud to have been chosen to host the PostEurop Plenary Assembly – not just because of the significance of the event within the industry, but also to be able to demonstrate Jersey’s ability, as well as its beauty, to host large events and to perform at the same level as larger, perhaps more obvious, cosmopolitan city choices,” said Tim Brown, Jersey Post Chief Executive. “We have a full agenda for the course of the conference which is set to be attended by some of the most significant operators in the European postal market.”

The event itself runs over three days with different meetings and topics being discussed and debated each day. The majority of participants will be eager to attend the Business Innovation Forum on Thursday 10 October which will focus on future innovations and pitches from a selected number of start-ups that drive convenience in e-commerce services and facilitate new services through technology including artificial intelligence, automation and robotics. The main meeting of the three days is the Plenary Assembly, from which the event takes its name, and this will provide attendees with strategic insights into current postal trends, regulatory issues in the industry and discussion around new market analysis.

Botond Szebeny, Secretary General of PostEurop stated, “The majority of our members have never been to Jersey, so we are delighted to be holding this important annual event in such a unique and beautiful location. The event is always well attended by notable representatives from our industry and the agenda we have planned is set to be an excellent mix of industry trends, developments and enhancements through technology and key regulatory matters.”

The event will run for three days from Wednesday 9 October to Friday 11 October. This event coincides with Jersey Post’s 50th anniversary of independence from the British Postal Service.

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