Have you found the perfect item online but discovered the retailer doesn't ship items to the Channel Islands? Order from any UK company and use Ship2me to deliver your items. Delivering the undeliverable to the Channel Islands. 

We do all the hard work for you and your order will be tracked from the moment Ship2me receives it until it reaches your doorstep. 

Register for free via the Ship2me website and we'll deliver the undeliverable straight to you. 

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To get a quote or create an account, please visit the Ship2me website:

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How Ship2me Works

Register with Ship2me

Sign up for an account at and we provide you with a unique shipping address to provide retailers when you place an order. 

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Go Shopping

Go to your chosen retailer’s website, or place the order with their customer services team. Then use your Ship2me shipping address as your chosen delivery address.

Arrange Delivery

Return to our website and arrange a delivery with us, telling us what items we can expect, when they are likely to arrive, and their total value. Your items will be delivered to your door in the Channel Islands a few days later by Ship2me.

Yes, Ship2me acts as your own UK delivery address. When you register, we will provide you with the UK delivery address. You then order from the UK retailer using the Ship2me UK delivery address and then book a delivery through We will then receive your item at our UK depot and organise onward shipping to the Channel Islands and delivery to your required residential address. For more information on our Ship2me service, please click here.

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Collect at your convenience

Our free 24/7 Parcel Locker service allows any item to be delivered straight into a secure locker in a convenient location for you to collect at your own leisure.

Avoid custom delays

Goods and services tax (GST) must be paid on all items entering Jersey that exceed the threshold of £135. Avoid delays to your items by pre-paying the GST online.

Delivered when you’re not home

If you're often out during the day, our range of SecureDrop services allows Jersey Post to leave larger items in a safe, weather-proof location within the grounds of your property or with a neighbour.

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