Claim Compensation

We expect to efficiently process and successfully deliver the vast majority of mail items that we handle. There are regrettably occasions, however, when something may be lost, damaged or delayed while in transit, in which case customers may be entitled to claim compensation.

COVID19 - Jersey Post advises customers sending mail to consider using our ‘tracked and signed services’ as this will stand the best chance of a delivery attempt during this period of extraordinary measures. Please note that as of 18th March 2020 until further notice, we are suspending the payment of compensation for items lost, or not delivered also we are not guaranteeing next day services. 

From 1st September 2021, the compensation suspension will be lifted for items sent to the UK only.  Any items sent to the UK which is deemed lost, after 28 days from the date of posting, may be liable for compensation.  

The full compensation policy is set out in our General Term and Conditions, which you should read before making any claim. Below is a summary of the key points:

  • We will only consider compensation claims for lost or damaged items of mail that you have sent from Jersey.
  • We won’t consider compensation claims for any item of mail that is being received in Jersey – you must claim from the person or organisation that sent it to you.
  • You must make a compensation claim with 80 days from the date on which you sent the item of mail.
  • We aim investigate and resolve every submitted compensation within 30 working days of receiving them.
  • Unless you have paid for additional Premium Cover when sending an item of mail, the maximum levels of compensation available are:
  • If you have proof of postage and contents value: £30.00 + postage price paid
  • If you have proof of postage, but not contents value: £15.00 + postage price paid
  • If you have no proof of postage or contents Value: 10 x the current Local stamp price, paid in Local stamps
  • In all cases, we will pay the replacement or repair contents value, up to the appropriate maximum level of cover, after making reasonable adjustments for present value based their condition, age and depreciation.

Download a Compensation Claim Form, which can be emailed together with any supporting information to or sent to: Customer Care, Jersey Post, Postal Headquarters, JERSEY, JE1 1AA.